Thursday, June 26, 2008

Blog Me Challenge - Week 2

Ok! "Blog Me" week 2 has started. Here is my addition.
Here's the list of participants' blogs, so you can check out the progress.
1. tessthescrapper blog:
2. teddy7 Blog:
3. ciocichar Blog:
4. okekeca Blog:
5. pewtertm Blog:
6. claysmom Blog:'re HERE)
7. angmag55 Blog:
8. relocateddixiegirl Blog:
9. kiden Blog://

This is a kit designed for Kirsty Wiseman's daughter, Ellie and her pet turtle, Lucy. You can read about Ellie here:
50% of all the proceeds from this kit will be donated to Ellie's trust fund to help Ellie with her battles in the world of medicine. Ellie actually picked the colors, pink for her and green for her turtle, Lucy. I hope you like it and purchase it since it is for such a good cause. This kit is packed with great stuff. There are 23 papers, each unique and rich in texture and color. Then there are 32 elements, also unique and colorful. And at the heart of it all is Ellie a little girl fighting hard to be a normal teenage girl in Manchester, England and her little turle, Lucy. You can purchase the full kit, "Ellie and Lucy," here: