Monday, July 28, 2008

Part 2

Hey everyone,
I hope all is well with you. I am better. I finally got my tooth fixed. I went back the second time to the Endodontist and we tried again. Naturally the first dose didn't work....neither did the second. I thought I was going to cry, I just wanted it all over with right then. So anyway we waited but I knew it wasn't working again, I could feel the air on my tooth when I would breath through my mouth. So then he did the numbing around the tooth and that didn't work either. At least this time we knew he couldn't drill through my jaw ><. So then he took this other stuff and said he needed to go to the back and find my ear. I thought, ear! Well he was just getting closer to the nerve apparently that runs along your jaw. Then the angels sang from the heavens and light came down... there was no pain. Whoohoo, i said, in a half-motion mouth sort of way, "let's throw a party". I couldn't believe i was so happy about getting a root canal done. So it took about an hour and a half to do the actual procedure, but I was actually there for over 4 hours lol. Finally it was done, and tomorrow I get my permanent crown! Although now I am completely poor cause my dental insurance sucks and wont even pay half. So I have a tooth in my head that cost roughly $1k.
Anyway, I'm glad that is all over. I promise to have a freebie or two soon. I have some stuff I have been working on, but haven't been able to finish yet. So come back soon, hopefully have one up tomorrow.

Have a great one!