Thursday, July 17, 2008

Slow blog times

Hey everyone,
I have been telling myself I was going to get better about posting and stuff, but things keep standing in my way. I went to the dentist 3 weeks ago so they could do a crown, fun times. Well they said it needed one because my tooth was cracked down the middle, so they ground it down to a nub and put a temporary crown on it. I went back this past monday to get the permanent one put on, but i told them it had hurt the whole time I had the temp crown. Well NORMALLY when you have all this done it is not suppose to hurt anymore. Well it hurt all the time and was sensitive, etc... So my dentist too more x-rays and then decided he would rather send me to a specialist.

So yesterday I made and hour long trip (one way) to see the Endodontist. Everyone was very very sweet and I was comfortable being there, etc... So he says well we are going to have to numb you and then we will get started, this was at about 9:30am. They put that numbing jelly stuff (smelled like bubble gum) on that side of my mouth. After about 15 mins or so he came and gave me the first injection of local anesthetic. We waited for a little while for that to take hold and then they tested the tooth. Oh man, the things you wish you had on tape. They have this stuff that they spray on a tiny cotton ball that will freeze it, then they touch it to the tooth. Now I am not sure if you have ever had a filling or anything like this done to you, but I hope you haven't. Sort felt like when you get something metal touched to your filling, or if you have a sensitive to cold experience, but this was like times 1000. As soon as she stuck it too my tooth I jumped off the chair about 2 inches and nearly scared the her to death. So since that first shot didn't work, they came and did another. Well that next jump was only about 1 inch. So they tried a different kind of anesthetic, this one was close around the tooth with a teeny tiny needle. This part didn't hurt of course because the whole half of my head was numb except for that one tooth.

So we waited a bit for that to take hold and then we tested again. Well I didnt come off the chair this time or scare anyone but it still hurt. Ugh, he said there is one more thing we can try. This was crazy too! He actually was going to drill a tiny hole into my jaw so that he could inject stuff straight under the tooth. Well of course nothing so far had been easy and this wasn't either. He actually went threw 2 of his tiny "drill bits" trying to get into my jaw. Well come to find out, my jaw was too dense and he couldnt get through, just made a little divot it in. The only good news there was i have strong bones, lol.

So he said that the reason my tooth was not susceptible to the local anesthetic was because of it being so highly inflamed. He also didnt feel comfortable giving me any more anesthetic, I had basically reached the limit, he said he would rather my heart not stop beating LOL. So now I am taking 800mg Ibuprofen (horse pills) until Monday morning, when they try again. Also gave me some great pain pills :)

So now the side of my face hurts and my jaw is a little swollen. Hopefully I can go back Monday and everything work like it is suppose to, and not like it always does for me lol.

Anyway that is why I haven't done much on here lately. I have also been working on my new store, it messed up and I had to redo it all again. Anyone a Zen-cart pro? lol

I hope everyone is having a great week. I will have a freebie up for you soon,possibly tonight, definitely tomorrow :)